The Wild Cherry/Sweet Cherry Tree


Prunus avium, commonly known as the wild cherry or sweet cherry, is a species of cherry tree native to regions within Europe, Anatolia, Maghreb, and western Asia. The species is widely cultivated, and has become naturalized in both North America and Australia.

Poster_Final copy
A widefield sample of wild cheery bark. Notice the different cell sizes change over a given area.

The wild cherry is one of two species of cherry that supply the world’s cultivators of edible cherries.

10x magnified area of the sample. Here complex structures are more visible, giving a more in depth look into the cells.
Interesting components are sometimes present within the sample. This foreign structure appears to have become part of the sample.
Different cells make up the sample of the wild cherry tree. Each cell has a given purpose to maintain health and continued growth.

The tree is also cultivated as timber, and is a highly valued hardwood that is used for woodturning, to create furniture cabinets and musical instruments. The wood is also used for the smoking of meats in North America, giving a distinctly pleasant flavor to both pork and poultry.

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