Surgical Photography fall 2016


Tuesday August 23rd for the 8th consecutive year, students began their experiences in possibly America’s only class in surgical photography. This class is the result of a collaboration of RIT and Rochester General Hospital. In 2008 at the invitation of chair of the surgery department, Dr Ralph Pennino, I created the course that is now team taught with Dr Pennino and alum Lynne Tseng. It is a complicated class to organize and deliver because of all the obvious things. HIPPA, RIT photography students visiting a hospital, coordinating the hospital’s surgical schedule and a student’s schedule are but a few of the realities that have to be coordinating and managed. After 8 years we haveĀ  optimized what is possible and this class remains one of my favorites. Watching the students grow and experience a whole new world is terrific. The change and improvement of their photographs after only one visit to the OR is tremendous. Students are able to take this class multiple times. Taking classroom activities out of the classroom and allowing self discovery is a bit unpredictable and requires we all keep an open mind to opportunity. More to follow

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